High energy, high impact "mini-shorts" featuring high flyin' fun and a personal message for your special someone! Help Belle take out the bad guys, or back-up the Marshal as he gives the outlaws what for!

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"REST of the WEST"


Action packed shorts based on your favorite Pistolero shows! Featuring our famous stunts and comedy characters, plus a personal message to your special someone. Join Dawgard as she takes on the infamous Killer Miller, or root on Kit and Zeke as they battle for the title of "best outlaw"!




Have someone special celebrating a Birthday or Graduation?  Have a little buckaroo 12 or under that would love a shout-out?  Why not send them a personalized video greeting from the Pistoleros? Featuring the stunts and actors you've come to love, straight out of the show!  All Pistolerograms come with a link to a private video on YouTube that you can share with family and friends. Choose from four different videos, then use the form below to order yours today! Thanks for supporting the Pistoleros Wild West Show!