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Arizona's best action-packed western stunt show
for 26 years!

Family and Veteran owned and operated

Arizona's best action-packed western stunt show
for 27 years!

Family and Veteran owned and operated

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About Us

The Pistoleros Wild West Stunt Show is a 1/2 hour, family-friendly, action-packed, slapstick comedy show with high-falls, cowboy style fight scenes, and firey explosions and special effects.

Great fun for the whole family! 
Shows are every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday throughout the year at 7:00 & 8:00PM at Trail Dust Town. The show is outdoors with bleacher seating and wheelchair access.

Tickets are available at the gate or can be purchased online with a discount code here.


The Pistoleros are located at the heart of Trail Dust Town on Tanque Verde Road in Tucson, Arizona.
Trail Dust Town is a western theme park conveniently located on the east side of Tucson. The town features gift shops, old time photos, train rides, carousel and ferris wheel, candy shop, and the famous Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse.

Free admission to the town, attractions are charged separately.


The Pistoleros perform several different shows throughout the year, including seasonal shows and special event shows. All shows contain the Pistolero brand of humour, cowboy style fight scenes, and high-impact stunts that our audiences have come to expect.
Our seasonal shows include two different Christmas shows and three Halloween shows that rotate from year to year, with spectacular special effects and stunts, you're sure to see something different!

Make sure to follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our website so you don't miss upcoming new shows and events!


The cast and crew of the Pistoleros is a very tight-knit group made up of local actors and technicians from varying backgrounds and skill levels. All performers and techs are trained on site. 
Every member of the Pistoleros is extremely dedicated to their work and brings a unique style to every show.

The crew, led by Jerry Woods and his family, works very hard to bring affordable first-class entertainment to the Tucson community. It's a labor of love, and worth every minute!


In 1997, Jerry Woods, already an accomplished stunt man, heard that Trail Dust Town was interested in adding a gunfight show to their already very popular steakhouse (Pinnacle Peak).   With years of experience in stunt shows, Jerry knew that he could offer something that no one else could offer.  In the space of a couple of days, Jerry and 2 friends wrote and choreographed a show ("Killer Miller") to audition in front of the "powers that be" at Trail Dust Town.  The show was a hit, and the "Dragoon Street Players"  of Dragoon Street were born.  Since 1997, over 200 performers from all different backgrounds have performed for the wild west stunt show.  As the troupe became more well known, and requests came in to perform all over town, the group decided to change their name to the "Pinnacle Peak Pistoleros", in honor of their benefactors, Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse.  


Unfortunately, in March 2020, after 23 years of shows, the CoViD-19 pandemic forced the parent company to close the show permanently.  This devastated the Woods family, as they had been blessed to make the show their life's work and mission.  So, not willing to admit defeat, Jerry, and his wife Heather, decided to form their own company in order to continue the shows at Trail Dust Town.  With the support of family and fans, the "Pistoleros Wild West Show" was born...again!  The over the top stunts, fight scenes, and comic timing of the shows that has brought back audiences (and performers) again and again, has returned.  And, 26 years later, Jerry Woods is still writing, directing, producing, and appearing in shows every week with his wife and two sons!  Shows that feature high-falls, gunfights, explosions, clean slap-stick comedy, and high impact fight choreography.  Fun for all's sure to be a blast!


The show has lost a lot, but we are extremely grateful to Trail Dust Town for allowing us to lease the set in order to continue our shows.  We are also eternally thankful for the love and support of our family, church, friends and fans, without which we would not have been able to continue.  We commit to you our heart for continuing to provide first-class, family-friendly and redeeming stories with lots of action and comedy!

Colossians 3:17

Support the Pistoleros

The Pistoleros Wild West Show is a family owned and operated business. Although we have a lot of support from our fabulous fans, our show is very expensive to run with high liability costs, increasing taxes, and an ever-increasing minimum wage. Our mission is to keep our admission price low so that all families, no matter their size or financial situation, can come and enjoy the show together. The best way to support us is to buy tickets to our show...but if you'd like to give a little can donate here or purchase some Pistolero merch from our store! We really appreciate it!
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