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Over 200 performers in
26 years have graced the
streets of Trail Dust Town

Employment Information Form

Check all that apply:
I am available:
As a member of the Pistoleros, you would work with explosive materials that require certification by the federal government (ATF). You must be willing to submit to the required background check in order to work with explosives.
Pistoleros' shows are portrayed in a historic setting. As an actor, you must maintain a typical Victorian/Old West grooming standard. No unnaturally colored hair, radical hairstyles or visible tattoos. Jewelry may not be worn for safety reasons.
The Pistoleros is a family-friendly show. All employees of the Pistoleros are considered public figures. A family-friendly attitude and presence, in accordance with Pistoleros’ standards, must be adhered to both at performance venues and in public, including social media.
The following section is a description of the show performance requirements. Please read carefully to understand that you are applying for a very physical position that requires strength, agility, and flexibility.

I also understand that this position includes:

-High impact stunts (including falls from as high as 25ft)
-Running and jumping
-Landing, falling and rolling on both hard and soft surfaces.
-Lifting another person, possibly weighing more than myself
-Working from high places in general
-Working with and around explosives
-Working with guns (blank ammunition) and edged stage weapons
-Working outdoors in occasional inclement weather conditions
-Ability to hear musical and verbal cues
-Ability to speak loudly and clearly, even under physical distress
-Have appropriate vision or willingness to wear corrective contact lenses (eye glasses are problematic for safety, theatrical and anachronistic reasons)

Thanks for your submission!

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